Our Precess Placing and Raising Puppies

  1. The process starts with compleating an application form available on the home page in different formats.

  2. Once recieved we will contact you to arrange a phone conversation to discuss your home suituation and the type of dog (temperament) you are looking for. The more detail the better. Generally, the two types of home suituation fall into working and pet (companion).

  3. In the application you can specify the sex of the dog and prepered coat color. However, we do not place our puppies on coat color by rather temeperment, more on that later. It should be understood that when born the pups are little suasages. Do not fall in love with a suasage as some have people have done. The coat color can change significatly in just a few weeks, and at one year old may be very different from the puppy at 8 weeks of age. Temperament is the most important factor in successfuly placing a pup in their forever home. No body has ever returned a pup to us. We are very good at placing the pups and matching them up to their new home. It’s important to trust the process.

  4. To better increase the chance of a puppy you may want to be flexible on the sex of the dog. With ESs you need to throw away what you think you know about the differences between the sexes. ESs are sereble dogs. There is vertually no different bES male dogs are not lreally like male dogs of other bread. ESs are serebril dogs. You may think a femal dog is a better companion but you would likely be wrong. Sure females ESs are very loving, but a male is just if nor more loving. Male dogs