Puppies at 5 Weeks Old

Puppy #1: Girl - Clear Sable 6lbs

Puppy #2: Girl - Tricolor 5.3lbs

Puppy #3: Boy - Tricolor 4lbs

Puppy #4: Boy - Sable 5.3lbs

Puppy #5: Girl - Sable 4.3lbs

Puppy #6: Girl - Tricolor 5.3lbs

Puppy #7: Girl - Sable 5.5lbs

Puppy #8: Girl - Sable 4.7lbs


The owners of Maisie and Chisum's 2017 litter report that this matchup produced intelligent, loving, biddable pups that are very balanced and quite uniform in both temperament and build, as reported on our Facebook page.

We are located in the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, NJ. This amazing view of our barn on our small farm was taken by a friend.



A wolf sable, she is the latest addition to our English Shepherd family. She is seen here at 10 weeks old playing with Chisum and Maisie, and is already holding her own as a member of the pack.


Chisum & Maisie

The Coming Together of Two Excellent English Shepherd Bloodlines.


Maisie and Chisum are intelligent, calm, loving and highly biddable English Shepherds.  They are great fun to be around, and a real joy to take for a walk or a rumble.  

Resources: Breed info (Shepherd's Way), choosing a puppy (English Shepherd Club).

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Chisum is a handsome and well balanced shaded sable who is 5 years old.  Intelligent and athletic (fast runner and strong swimmer) with natural herding ability, he is fearless and self-assured with all types of live stock, calm with other dogs, and all around lover of the family.  He settles well at night but remains ready to spring into action.  An ideal farm dog and family pet.

Chisum is 23 1/2 inches tall and weighs about 68 lbs, and is big boned.  His blood line goes back to Butcher.

Date of birth: 2-09-2013
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip screen: OFA: Good
MDR1: Normal/Normal
OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Eye Certification Registry (CAER) - Clear/Normal 3/16/18
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - Clear/Normal 11/30/17 




Maisie is tricolor with a soft wavy coat who is 3 years old. A total love bug, with a joyful personality, who loves to play fetch. She is like glue when out for a walk except when treeing squirrels, which she does with gusto. Maisie has demonstrated a strong natural herding ability with sheep and is very athletic.  Maisie is a good companion dog, who settles well at night and is also a good all round farm and family dog.

Maise is 21" tall and weighs about 48 lbs, and is medium boned.

Date of birth: 6-09-2015
Registration: ESCR, UKC
Hip screen: OFA: Good
MDR1: Normal/Normal
OFA Elbows - Normal
OFA Eye Certification Registry (CAER) - Clear/Normal 7/12/17
Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) - Clear/Normal 11/30/17


Maisie sharing a moment with a her pup. We think he will have the same beautiful glossy coat as his mum.

VERY old heritage breed

English Shepherds are descended from the shepherd lines of England and the Southern parts of Scotland.  They are a very old heritage breed that has not changed much, as paintings from the mid-1800s show. These dogs were selectively bred for the primary purpose of herding in an upright, loose-eyed style. They are also versatile in hunting and guarding of livestock and children.  In the USA they became popular as an all-purpose farm collie, being loyal, level-headed, and VERY intelligent.  As the number of small farms decreased, this breed declined in numbers but is today gaining in popularity, being recognized as a great companion and family dog, and a dog that excels at agility sports. They are the quintessential all-around American dog.

English Shepherd believed to have been owned by Queen Victoria, Fern c1870-76 painted by Carl Schmidt

As you can see, the English Shepherd has not changed much since they were a breed in England some 100 plus years ago.  While the breed in the UK no longer exists, they remain a rare heritage breed here in the US.  It's possible, and I'm spectulating here, that perhaps the English Shepherd was breed out, or was breed into becoming the Border Collie, which replaced - possible by the fashion of the time - the "shepherd"dog.

If these two puppies don't look just like Maisie and Chisum, painted by Sir Arthur J. Elsley